My four day trip to Nice | My Photo Diary

My four day trip to Nice | My Photo Diary

Before I start this I want to say RIP to all the people that lost their lives in the horrific attack in Nice on 14th July. My thoughts are with the families of the victims and all the people injured. It hurts my heart that such attacks occur in this world. It is actually crazy and incredibly sad 🙁


I decided to surprise my husband to a short trip away. He has been amazing and super supportive. I’m not kidding when I call him ‘my backbone’. He loves France, and I wanted somewhere warm, but not too far as we were taking my daughter, so the South of France was the perfect choice. It is two hours away, it has gorgeous beaches and a temperature which just makes you feel happy with life!


I was quite specific about what I wanted in our hotel room, probably because we were bringing my daughter with us. I wanted a hotel room that had enough space for my daughter Stephanie to run around, and ideally with a kitchenette. I knew that it was likely that we would need to heat up or make some food for Steph because she is a fussy eater. Also, I wanted to stay in a hotel that it was close to amenities, close to the beach and the shops. It sounds like a tall order right? But imagine my surprise, when I found Goldstar Resorts & Suites. It matched all my requirements. We stayed in the Consul suite which was and it had a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, stove and a dishwasher. It was a large room – 431 ft², with a separate lounge area, and a separate bathroom and toilet. The bath was a nice round size, great for bubble baths for my daughter.

I loved the decor of the hotel, it was quirky and modern. It also had a rooftop heated swimming pool and small lounge area. The location was superb. The beach and retail shops were less than 10 minutes away. Nice-Ville Train Station is a 10-minute walk from the hotel and the airport was only 20 mins away.

I just had to go to Sephora for my beauty and makeup fix and the Galeries Lafayette which had a good selection of brands.


On a separate note to those travelling with small children, one of the greatest fears is that your child may run off so we tend to try and limit their movements by putting them in their buggy or carrying them everywhere. I knew that this wouldn’t work on this holiday because my daughter wants to walk everywhere. She is at that ‘great’ age where she can express…very loudly what she wants!

I picked up this toddler backpack from Mothercare (link below), with detachable safety reins aka a ‘leash”. At first, I wasn’t sure about using it because it felt a little wrong! However, it is great for letting your child walk around and explore while you keep them close and you can stop them from running away. We all know how quick these children can be! My daughter Steph loved her little backpack and wanted to take it everywhere, so it was a win-win. This was one of my best buys for the holiday! It is well made and so cute! There are so many different designs to choose from.


One of the highlights of our trip was our private tour from Nice to Eze Village and Monaco. I would recommend this tour to anyone going to Nice. At first I was considering just taking a train to Monaco, since it was only 20 minutes away by train, however going on this private tour meant that we had spectacular views of the French Riviera from Eze, which we would not have seen by taking the train. It was definitely worth it.

The tour guide was great and was open to bringing a toddler along. We stopped regularly for photo ops and she shared a lot of history/interesting information as we drove.

Eze Village

We had a guided tour of the Eze Village and Fragonard – L’Usine Laboratoiren where they produce handmade perfumes and perfumed products. They had different tour guides based on the language you spoke, so we got an English tour guide to take us around the factory. The tour went through perfume production from extraction of oils to diluting the oils with a certain percentage of water. I love perfume so this was really interesting for me.

We had 45 mins to explore the village.






My husband and I were eager to go to Monaco for obvious reasons, it is the playground for the rich and famous. We went to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and took a spin around the Monaco Grand Prix race track which was so cool. I would love to be there during an actual Formula 1 race.





We went to see the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo, we didn’t go inside because we had a child, but it was worth seeing from the outside with all the fancy cars parked outside. Around the area there were plenty of high end shops and coffee shops. I lustfully stared at the diamonds on one particular Van Cleef Arpels necklace….one day Temi! One day!




It was an amazing trip and it was great spending time with my family, especially creating memories with my daughter. She was so excited to be going on an aeroplane and kept saying ‘aeroplane’. I didn’t even know she knew what an aeroplane was! After a challenging period in our family, it was great to get away. I know this post is something different than the usual makeup and beauty, but I thought it would be fun to write about my travels especially since I love travelling.


I hope you enjoyed it this photo diary. 

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