Dealing with Loss | Encouragement and helpful tips

Dealing with Loss | Encouragement and helpful tips

‘Do not dismiss or undermine your mental health. It is as important as your physical health. Once you have the tools you need to deal with your emotions and feelings, you can start to stand and walk towards the person you were created to be.’


I decided to do a post regarding this, just simply based on what I have been going through. Recently I suffered a loss that rocked my world, and a few years ago, I have had to go through losing my brother who was quite young. This podcast refers to a loss of any kind, a loved one, a treasured object or a job that you loved.

If you know someone experiencing a loss of any kind, please share. If you are experiencing this, then please listen and let it sink into your mind and spirit.

If you liked this podcast and would like to hear more, please let me know. I really do appreciate feedback.


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  1. July 15, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    Hi Temi,
    I can so relate to this post. Lost my uncle some years back and I have to say, it changed certain parts of me. Worst thing about losing something or someone is not expecting the loss. But with God, all things would be fine. Certain things happen for certain reasons best known to him.

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