Has your makeup expired?

I never knew makeup had an expiration date. Actually, I probably knew it but subsciously ignored it.

I keep my foundation until it is finished, without looking at the expiration date at all. I still have a mascara that is a year old. I never throw away makeup. I was surprised when I was doing research that you are supposed to throw things away when they expire! I am looking at my wallet like mate, this foundation costs me £32 I will use until it is well and truly finished! In one slightly embarrassing act of desperation, I actually broke open my foundation bottle to use the last scraps of foundation…don’t judge me! The struggle is real. Anyways, makeup has a expiration date.


Studies* have shown that at least 98% of women use or have previously used makeup after its expiration date, especially mascara. It is shown that these products have a high level of contamination and bacteria that can affect our skin! Yikes! I am going to check right now, to see if I am using any expired makeup.


How do I tell if my makeup has expired? 

When a product starts to look or smell differently then it is likely to be expired. If the texture has changed, it has started to smell slightly off, or the colour has changed dramatically then it is likely to have gone off.

I like to think of it as fresh milk. Have you ever kept milk past its expiry date and seen what happens to the milk? It starts to separate, it smells and it changes colour. When you see these signs, you wouldn’t dare to drink it would you? Mate, if you do, you do not value your life! The toilet will be your BFF for the next hour! 

It is similar to makeup…ok no it isn’t, it is such a bad example but I will continue run with it. Excuse the pun! Using expired makeup can mess up your skin because of bacteria.


Lipsticks, Lip Gloss and Lip Pencils (2-3 years) 

Look out for a colour change or if the smell changes. To be honest, the way some liquid lipsticks already smell, you are not sure if they have gone off because they already smell like a ton of chemicals. But you can tell usually tell from the look of lipsticks, if they look abit dodge. 


Blush, eyeshadow and pressed powders (2-3 years)

There are usually no oils in these powder products so they can last for ages…unless you drop them and smash them like I have done *sobs*. Wash your brushes regularly to avoid contamination. 


Mascara and Liquid Eyeliners (up to 6 months)

Liquid products are more prone to bacteria because they contain water. Water encourages the growth of bacteria. Your eyes are very delicate and you should aim to keep the products you use on them very clean. I would even say be careful with who you share these products with. Never add water to extend the life of dry mascaras.

If you have had an eye infection, it is best to throw your eye makeup products away to avoid reinfection. Also, avoid using eye makeup when you have an eye infection. That will just make it worse.


Pencil products – eyeliners, lip pencils (6 months to 1 year)

These products can last for a long time because by sharpening your pencils you are removing bacteria from the tip. Just ensure that you cover your pencils. 


Cream, Liquid or Stick Foundations or Concealers (12 – 18 months)

If you store these products in a cool dry place, it will last longer. Using clean brushes and sponges will also help prevent contamination.


Makeup brushes and sponges

I say wash and change your sponges regularly. Makeup brushes can last a long time, but wash them regularly to prevent contamination. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh brushes on your skin!


These guidelines are not binding, but I think it is good to be aware of these things.



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