My Blazing Sun Toolkit | Key Products for Summer

We are now getting to summer, where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and…the rain is pouring! I can only speak for us in the UK where we enjoy the ‘benefits’ of heavy rain in summer. No wonder we practically get naked at the sight of sun! But anyways, having that glow is as important as…giving blood. Ok..slight exaggeration. But when we get to this season, wearing too much makeup can get really irritating. I mean imagine sweating off your foundation…not a good look is it? These are the key products I think you should include in your makeup application during the summer season.


Cleanser and a face mask

Use a cleanser to get rid of all impurities that may be on your skin. If you start off with a clean base, your skin will feel and look better even under the makeup. I like to use a good exfoliating face mask every 3 days to help get rid of the dead skin, and reduce the size of my large pores. Lush do great face masks for all skin types. I find that it helps with my skin texture and makes me skin look fresh and feel smooth.


Moisturise and apply sunscreen

Use an oil free, light moisturiser, but don’t be tempted to skip this stage because you need to keep your skin hydrated even during the hot weather. I use an oil free moisturiser with SPF 25.

If you use a moisturiser without an SPF, apply suncream. I like to use SPF 25 and above. I don’t play with my skin! You shouldn’t either. There are some good suncreams for women of colour. La Roche Posay is great suncream which is light on your skin and does not contain zinc or titanium oxide which makes you look ashy-blue.



Prime that bad boy! Once I have applied my moisturiser, I reach for my primer. I love using the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, as it feels light on my skin, makes my makeup last and hides large pores. In summer I tend to reach for makeup products that do not feel heavy on my skin. I need my skin to breathe, well as much as it can.

I apply this on my t-zone area (forehead, nose and cheeks). I also apply a little around my mouth as I have dry skin there, and I find that my matte foundation sticks to the dry skin in a rather unflattering way.


Good foundation or tinted moisturiser 

During summer,  I go for my matte or semi-matte foundation, just so that I don’t have to spend my whole holiday dabbing my face to get rid of shine. The way my oily skin is set up, it produces oil without warning, like who asked you to appear?!

If you have even skin and you don’t need as much coverage, a tinted moisturiser will do the trick. NARS Tinted Moisturiser has great colours for women of colour. My colour is Polynesia. It is lightweight, super sheer and gives your skin a healthy glow, without too much coverage.



Highlighters are great for bringing to bring the glow back into your face, and summer is all about that glow honey! I apply this product to the top of my cheeks, under my eyebrows, my tear ducts, and my cupid’s bow. Don’t overdo it now, it is easy to get carried away and you end up looking like a disco ball. I’ve been there, done that, and I have the embarrassing pictures to prove it! MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Gold deposit is great for women of colour.


Setting powder and finishing powder 

Powders are great for setting your cream products and your foundation. I use a pressing motion to apply my setting powder into the areas where I have highlighted with concealer. I also use a large powder to dust my finishing powder on my face after I have finished applying my makeup. This will help keep your foundation in place.


Finishing and Setting Sprays

Setting sprays to keep your makeup intact throughout the day. I love Urban Decay setting sprays. They have oil free sprays which is great for the warm weather. Finishing sprays help get rid of the cakey, powdery look that can happen when you apply powder products. It gives you that dewy look.


Most importantly, don’t forget to drink water to keep yourself hydrated.


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