Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm | Good for priming?

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm | Good for priming?

I have to be honest now, there are some beauty fads that I just give side eye to….people using scissors, knives, spoons even shoes to do a simple contour…nope sorry, it really isn’t that deep for me! However, there is one beauty fad I was interested and a little intrigued by, just simply because of the warm weather I am on the hunt for anything that makes my makeup survive through the heat. I have oily skin so I need my makeup to last!

Just to put it out there, I like using products made for my face on my face, and products made for indigestion for situations when I have indigestion. Ladies, using milk magnesia as a primer is not good for your skin, because it is simply not made for your skin. It is made for your stomach. Yes, it might stop shine today, but who knows the effect that it might have on your skin later? Ok, my lecture is done now. So I tried the Nivea Shave Balm as a primer.



*I tested this primer while I was in Lagos, Nigeria where the weather can get ridiculously hot! 

This product is quite thin and watery. I got slightly happy with this product and initially applied too much, however it quickly settled into my skin. I must admit that I didn’t appreciate smelling like men’s aftershave however the smell mostly went after I applied my foundation. I decided to go for my semi-matte NARS foundation…my love/hate foundation. The shaving balm made my skin texture smoother and my foundation went on like a dream. I know NARS foundation blends out really well, but the shaving balm made it even better. My foundation glided over my face evenly and smoothly.

After spending hours in the sun and going from place to place, my makeup was still intact. I didn’t even have as much shine as I expected. To the point where I did not blot my face once during the day. It’s a miracle right? Now it didn’t completely mattify my face, it just reduced the shine, and my skin did not produce as much oil during the day. I mean any primer that makes my NARS foundation stay on all day is amazing in my eyes!

The shaving balm is made for sensitive skin, which is great because it does not irritate my skin. From doing research, I found out that the reason why this shaving balm works well as a primer is because of the second main ingredient is Glycerin. Glycerin has many benefits. It hydrates your skin, acts as a moisturiser and holds your makeup your makeup in place.



*Drumroll* please! I surprisingly really liked this product. My makeup lasted all day, required minimal touch-ups and the product was easy to apply. Would I be using this product again? I did not like the smell, it was noticeable for me. It practically disappeared after applying my foundation but I still felt like I could smell it. I smelt like a man for the first 20-30 mins. However, the shaving balm acted well as a primer so I will be using this product again.

I read that this product has caused some people to break out, so if you are allergic to Glycerin or any of the other ingredients such as Witch Hazel, test it first before buying it. Everybody’s skin is different. It might not work for you.

I bought this shaving balm from my local drugstore (Boots) for £5.39 and it is readily available anywhere.


Have you tried this Shave Balm? What did you think?



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