Drugstore Beauty Finds | Barry M Lipliners on Dark Skin

Drugstore Beauty Finds | Barry M Lipliners on Dark Skin

You guys know I love a bargain. I’m penny-wise and pound foolish….I think that is how the saying goes. I can spend £32 on a foundation but then when it comes to buying nail varnish remover, I go for the cheapest one which is 10p cheaper because I am trying to save! Such a contradiction. Lord knows I desperately need help! But anyways, I love Mac lip pencils, and due to my undefined lips, I love using a lip liner or lip pencil to define my cupid’s bow before applying my lipstick. To my ladies who have an undefined cupid’s bow, lip pencils are great.

Now MAC lip pencils are £12.50…just for a pencil! I love them, don’t get me wrong but the price! I have lost my MAC Chestnut pencil which is a great brown lipliner. But I cannot bring myself to pay for a new one. The struggles!

I stumbled on these lipliners, and admittedly I was abit sceptical, can they beat my MAC liners? I tried one, I loved it, then bought six! However, before you give that look, they were £2.99 each! Yes, £2.99.


Barry M lip liners are the perfect dupes for MAC lip pencils. They are velvety soft and long lasting. They are very pigmented and can be worn alone almost like a lipstick or can be used as a lipliner.

Alot of cheap lipliners are really hard, if that makes sense, and almost gives you fiction burns on your lips when you are applying it. These ones are buttery soft and easy to apply. They just glide on your lips, just like MAC lip liners.

Beware though because of the creaminess you may need to be constantly sharpening the pencil… but for £2.99 sharpen away baby girl! Yup…they are £2.99 from most drugstores. There are 12 colours available.


ROSE (9)









RED (3)



BLUSH (17)



CORAL (14)





Will you be trying out these lipliners?


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