10 of my favourite feelings | Things that can turn a challenging day into a great one

10 of my favourite feelings | Things that can turn a challenging day into a great one

‘When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so bad’


Coming home after a long day to my husband and daughter

It is the best feeling in the world when I have had a long day at work, and I come home to my daughter running to the door, and a kiss from my husband. It makes all the hard work seem worth it. Sometimes, it gets hard you know, and you question if it is all worth it.


Getting a free almond croissant and a coffee


This is one of my favourite feelings! I usually get a free coffee and croissant when I least expect it and it is a great feeling. I love my almond croissants even though it is not the healthiest at all. Oh well, sue me!


Starting my day with a prayer

This is the best feeling when I offload all my burdens and worries during my prayer session. I feel lighter and more prepared to take on the day because I know that God has it all in control.


Quiet mornings

I rarely get these mornings but when I do, it feels like heaven on earth! No mad rush in the mornings, nobody saying ‘mummy’ five hundred times! I can get up at around 9, take my time in the shower, put on my makeup and feel ready to take on the day. I actually believe my ‘office’ days might be over! These 5:30am starts are not life!!!



I love to have a chuckle when someone says something silly or funny. Laughing with my loved ones over something that we find hilarious is a great feeling and relieves my stress. All in all, I feel so much better after a good laughing session.


Finding inspiration in the weirdest places.


I love blogging and finding inspiration from the weirdest and unusual places can really make my day. I could be walking around at lunch and find some postcards that really inspire and encourage me. Or seeing an unexpected angle on a photograph which I didn’t notice before, really can make a crappy day turn into a good one. My everyday life, my emotions, my feelings all influence and inspire all my blog posts.


Trying new food and restaurants

Ohhhhhhh I love trying new food or new restaurants. Heck, I just love food in general! Although, I admittedly am a creature of nature, and if I like something, I will eat it until it is literally coming out of my ears! However, stumbling on a new restaurant in a corner in London, gives me so much joy, you wont even believe!!!!


Facing my fears

I have been doing this alot lately, and I love the feeling that I get when I have conquered a fear. I feel inspired and motivated to keep pushing ahead regardless of the obstacles in my way. I find that most of the times, the fear is unfounded and I look back and wonder why I was afraid in the first place!


All things vamp!

When I vamp it up, with vamp nails, vamp lips, the full works, I feel awesome!



Getting my hair done

When my hair is not done, I feel mash up! No matter how much makeup I put on, I still feel like all is not well with the world! However, once I get my hair done, and my edges are laid, I feel like I can take on the world! I don’t know about you guys, but I looooveeeee getting my hair done!



What are your favourite feelings?


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