Drugstore Beauty Finds | NYX Lingerie and Revlon Ultra HD Matte on dark skin

Drugstore Beauty Finds | NYX Lingerie and Revlon Ultra HD Matte on dark skin


We all know that liquid lipsticks can range from £10 – £40 each, even Colourpop which is super cheap in the US. By the time you factor in the cost of shipping to the UK, you will probably pay around £10 for each of them.

NYX has just been recently introduced into UK drugstores. My only problem is that you do not see these products physically in the Boots stores, they are all online, which is not really helpful for testing purposes. I hope they will have them in stores soon, because NYX is a great affordable option for women of colour. I will do a more in-depth review and swatches on all the NYX products soon (just waiting for pay day!!!). Revlon, which is a staple in British drugstores recently released their Ultra Matte Lipstick range which I wanted to try, and see how their colours look on dark skin tones.

I picked up a few liquid lipsticks and wanted to test them out for you. My new rule to myself is to try 2-3 colours before going ham and buying all the colours available! It turns out to be a waste of money if it doesn’t work out i.e I dislike the colours or the formula. If I like them, then I will buy some more.



I picked up two of these lipsticks by randomly choosing colours online. The fact that you cannot test these products in the stores makes finding the right shade for my skin tone similar to winning the lottery! Actually no, I cannot compare the feeling of winning £10 million to finding the right nude shade…or maybe I can?!

The NYX Lingerie collection was released earlier this year, and this collection is focused on nude lip colours, which is great. Howeverrrrrrr, we all know that what is ‘nude’ for one person is not ‘nude’ for another, and NYX do not have any pictures or swatches on what they look like on different skin tones. The great thing is that they have over 10 different nude shades available.

These lipsticks are matte and dry pretty quickly. They are matte but do not have that intense drying effect, they stay tacky on your lips which is great. They feel really comfortable, and you could wear them all day long without feeling like your lips are about to disintegrate into ashes! These lipsticks are under £10 each, which is also affordable. They are great value for money and are long lasting.


I don’t really have words for this colour, just look at my facial expression. I was thinking ohhhhhhhhh hell no! I probably could use a brown lipliner to rescue this colour but I wanted you guys to see it without a liner.




Yasssssssss honeyyyyyy! This nude is everything and more!!!! I think I have found my perfect nude guys! This colour is like my skin. It is so nice!!!!



I love the smell of these lipcolors. They smell like vanilla and mango. They are easy to apply and feel so soft on your lips. However, these lipsticks are not matte. They are more semi-matte, so they do transfer when eating or drinking. I would say they are more like a lip creme rather than an matte liquid lipstick. The lipsticks are pigmented, although they are not as pigmented as I would have liked so I had to use 3 coats to get the full intensity of the colours.

These colours are great for dark skin tones, there are 7 in the collection. I picked up 3 colours, and deciding which colours to pick was quite hard because they all looked really good. I love the consistency and the feel of these lipsticks on my lips.







Links to products:
http://www.boots.com/en/Revlon-Ultra-HD-Matte-Lip-Color_1823473/ – £8.99 (currently on offer for £6.99)

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