GRWM…with a twist!

GRWM…with a twist!


I wish I could say that my alarm on my phone wakes me up, but my phone alarm has been replaced…by my daughter who loudly wakes up between 5am and 5:30am. She sometimes wakes and immediately starts chatting away or sometimes she wakes up with a loud cry, just to let us know that she is present…as if we could forget. Funnily enough when she is still sleeping at 6am, I start checking her to see if she is ok, and making sure she is breathing! Oh the weird emotions!

Once she is up, that is the end of my sleep, no matter how long or short my sleep has been. I say a prayer and stumble out of bed before my daughter wanders around and throws something important like my laptop on the floor. I have made a new rule in our house that there is no tv in the morning, no pepper pig, no BBC news. Let us talk before we each go our separate ways. However, this means Stephanie goes around pulling her toys from the most obscure places. Hubby has left to catch the train.

I run Stephanie’s bath and notice she has sand in her hair, ‘Ah ah! Stephanie were you rolling in sand at nursery?! You have afro hair, it doesn’t work with your hair! Can you ensure that this doesn’t happen again please?’

Yup I do actually speak to her like that, in full sentences. I think she is even listening, she is busy putting her bath toys in the bath. I sigh, this means I have to wash and do her hair this morning! It is already 5:45am.

After surviving the screams that come when I wash her hair, I hoist her out of the bath quickly. Shea butter…check, nappies… check, vest…check, trousers…oh gosh! Where have I put her trousers?! I look for her for her trousers, in my forgetfulness, I left them on the dryer. While my back is turn, the inevitable happens, Stephanie decides to run around completely naked. When I finally grab her, cream her, put on nappies, put on her clothes, moisturise and style her hair, it is 6:29am! What?!!! I am supposed to leave…now and I haven’t showered!!!

The next 15 minutes are a blur. I bath quickly, jump out of bath, slab some cream on and dress up…makeup?! Aint nobody got time for that!

I shove essentials into Stephanie’s bag and head for the door. Oh yeah, ‘where is the child?!’

‘Stephanie! Lets go please!’ Luckily she is in her obedient moods, so we leave the house.

I get to the car and look at my reflection in the window while I am loading Stephanie into the car. ‘Shooooot!!!’ If I swore, this would have been that moment. I touch my head.

I forgot my wig!!!!!!!!

So I run back into the house, carrying Stephanie with me, under my arm, she is giggling because she thinks it is a game! I spot my wig and throw it on. I look in the mirror to make sure it looked decent, and run back out.

By the time I get into the car, it is 6:58am, and for the first time that morning, I pause. I am already late, but I don’t care. I need to breathe!!!


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