Guest Contributor | Skincare Tips for 20 somethings…

Guest Contributor | Skincare Tips for 20 somethings…

As you may know by now, I love supporting women who are passionate and driven to achieve their goals. I have a very special guest contributor today who is a trained professional with all things related to beauty, skincare and haircare. She is also an amazing makeup artist whose work has been featured in Vogue…yes Vogue magazine. Can you get any better than that?!!!

She made a bold and courageous decision to step away from the corporate world and started working freelance as beauty therapist, something she is passionate about. Ladies, let me tell you something, she showed me a sample of the detailed personalised pack which she sends to all her clients. It contained a detailed breakdown of the person’s skin or hair type, and included specific products which will suit the person, where to buy them, and how to use them. I was honestly blown away. 

If someone takes that much time to know my individual skincare and hair needs, then they are definitely worth my service and money. 

Today’s guest contributor is Lanre Atijosan – CEO and Founder of The Beautibank.



Every stage in life comes with its own set of up’s and down’s.  Your skin included.

Your skin goes through stages, it changes more frequently than most people pay attention to. Most people focus on puberty and adolescence as the time when most skin changes happen but if you’re female and you’re between the age of 20 and 30, your skin is transitioning. There can be obvious changes in your skin that are external to you and what happens externally can differ in each woman but every woman’s skin biologically transitions with age. Of course there are levels to this and I’m not suggesting that every person is the same but one thing is for sure, there are definitely changes happening. There are obvious changes that happen to your skin when the weather or your environment changes.  Big changes can also take place during pregnancy and at other times when your skin changes due to hormones running riot in the body. (Yes, that time every month that will remain nameless because it is SO ANNOYING!)

So for every 20  – 30 something woman out there and beyond. Here are 5 top tips to keep your skin in tip top shape.

1. Take an internal approach to your skin.

Feed your body from the inside. What happens on your inside will often reflect on the outside. Clean up your diet, drink lots of water, take supplements, fish oil is your best friend, not even just for your skin but in general for overall health benefits. Get those vitamins in. Your skin will thank you for it.

2. Use Sun Protection, ALWAYS!

Protecting your skin from the sun is not just for holidays, it’s for every day. Degradation of the skin because of sun cannot be reversed. The sun is harsh even when you can’t see it so protect it. I recommend an SPF of 20 or more regardless of where you get it from. Skincare or makeup is fine.

3. Change it up

Skin isn’t always the same so your skincare shouldn’t be either. Get into the habit of having your skin regularly checked out, get skin consultations and make a note of any changes so that your skincare can be adapted accordingly.


4. Start using anti – ageing skin care

Biologically the skin begins ageing around age 25 (I’m sorry to break it to ya ladies) So don’t be walking past the anti-ageing skincare thinking that you aren’t there yet. Honey, if you always want to look 10 years younger, then slow down the ageing process so that your age massively overtakes your skin. It’s really that simple. I would recommend that you start with a serum or a night cream. Serum is designed to penetrate deeper and night cream is great for restorations and regeneration.

5.  The Only Way Is Personal

Do not ever compare yourself or your skin to anyone else. Get to know you and how your skin functions in the different stages. Knowledge is power when it comes to anything and your skin is no exception.

I hope these tips were useful for you and that you will use these tips to become the skin revolutionary that you can absolutely be….go kick some (skin) ass!

Your Personal Beauty Expert,

Lanre x


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