Beginners guide to makeup | Essential products in your makeup bag

Beginners guide to makeup | Essential products in your makeup bag

I know that today’s post is supposed to be about skincare, but I had to get this off my chest.

This post is for the beginners or less confident women out there who don’t know where to start regarding what should be in their makeup bags. It is easy to have too many products that practically do the same thing, or nothing whatsoever in your makeup bag! Do you even have a makeup bag?! To be honest, I didn’t have one until recently so I feel your pain.

Here are the key products/brushes that I think you should have in your makeup bag. You can find direction on what products to buy on this blog, so feel free to browse. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Eyebrow Pencil / Brow Gel

The key is finding the eyebrow shape that suits your face. What looks good on someone might not look good on you. I would say practise, practise and practise some more in front of your mirror.

Some Options: Sleek, MAC, Rimmel, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Vital, plus so many more



Eyeliners are great for enhancing and defining your eyes. You can get gel, liquid and pencil eyeliners, so whichever you want to go for is your choice. To get that super sharp winged liner, I would say that it is better to go with gel or liquid to get that effect. Pencil eyeliners are good for a smokey / smudged look because it is less defined.

Some Options: Inglot – 77 (Gel), Rimmel, MAC and many more


2 x ConcealersPOST

One should be your skin tone or same shade as your foundation, and the other concealer should be 2-3 shades lighter. 

These concealers are a great investment and addition to your makeup collection. I use my concealers for:

  • Eyebrows: I use the lighter concealer to define underneath my brows, making sure I blend it out to remove any harsh lines, and prevent that ‘halo’ effect. I use the concealer that is the same colour as my skin tone to define the top of my brows, making sure again I blend it out properly.
  • Blemishes: I apply the concealer that is the same colour as my foundation on the really dark areas or dark spots on my face that need extra coverage. You could use a colour corrector here if you prefer.
  • Under eye concealer: I use my lighter concealer under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, the centre of my forehead after I apply my foundation to mimimic where the light hits my face. This step is pretty straightforward and pretty necessary to add dimension to your face. 

Some Options: NARS, LA Girl Pro Concealer, Kevyn Aucoin, MAC


Primers are great in helping your makeup last and smoothing out your skin. This should be worn after your moisturiser and before your foundation. 

Some Options: Smashbox, MAC, Becca, MakeUp Forever, Benefit 

Foundation | POST

This is very important to get right. Make sure your foundation is not too light or too dark, and blend it down your neck, past your jawline. Take your time to make sure your foundation is blended out well. 

Kabuki brush / buffing brush | POST

This is great for applying liquid foundation and giving you an airbrush and non-streaky finish. The best way to apply your liquid foundation is to pour/pump a small amount of the product on the back of your hand and apply it little by little, building up the product. Don’t apply too much at one go because you will spend more time trying to blend it out, and you waste more product this way.

Setting powder | POST

This product is to set your under eye concealer. An important tip is to always set cream products with a powder. If not, the cream product will slide and crease. It will not stay put for the whole day. Trust me, I have done this. Press your setting powder into the skin gently where you have applied the cream concealer, let it sit for a few minutes to absorb any extra oil then lightly dust it off.

Some Options: Ben Nye, Sacha Cosmetics, Laura Mercier

Contour products, Blush and Highlighters

These products are all great in adding dimension, colour and glow to your skin. Sleek do great inexpensive blush and contour palettes, so you really don’t have to spend too much money.

Some Options: Sleek, MAC, Becca, Colourpop, and many more


Loose Face powder

This powder is the same shade as your foundation and is really handy in setting your liquid or creme foundation and getting rid of excess oils from your face. By simply sweeping this powder on your face with a large powder brush, it sets your foundation and tones down any super bright areas on your face as a result of the highlighting and contouring. I carry this powder with me throughout the day, in case I get a little shiny around my t-zone area.

Some options: MAC Mineralise Skin finish, Black Opal finishing powder

Setting Spray

This spray is great for getting rid of the ‘cakey’ look that can happen as a result of all the layers of makeup products applied. You apply this product after you finish applying your makeup. Shake the bottle, close your eyes, and spray it on in both a ‘X’  shape and ‘T’ shape about 10 inches from your face. Setting sprays are like the ‘hairspray for your face’. It holds your makeup into place.

Some options: Kiko Face Makeup Fixer, Urban Decay Setting Spray, Mac Fix +


Whether you like colour on your lips or you prefer the more nude look, having a good lipstick is important to completing your look. Find out what colours complement your skin tone. Every lady needs a good lipstick in their collection.

Some options: MAC, NYX, Coloured Raine, Colourpop and many more.

 What are your essential makeup products? Leave your comments below



  1. Chioma
    December 22, 2017 / 11:35 pm

    Me again ! Please what’s the difference between a setting powder and a loose powder and can both be used at a time in a make up application?
    Also must you use loose powder after the foundation can’t I used a pressed powder?
    Hope am making sense?
    This make up bizx is harder than all the exams I have written my entire life.

    • thatredl
      December 23, 2017 / 11:40 am

      Hey hun, a setting powder is usually used to ‘set’ liquid or cream products on your face, for example when you apply concealer under your eyes to highlight. However, you can use loose powder to set your makeup. They are practically the same thing to be honest. The key is to look at the colour of the powder. If it is translucent or looks yellow, the powder is great to set the areas you have highlighted i.e under the eye, middle of forehead, nose, and chin. If the powder is dark or medium dark, you can use it to ‘set’ your face.
      Yes you can use a pressed powder after foundation. It is down to personal preference x

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