Fabulous Fridays……My four favourite YouTubers

Fabulous Fridays……My four favourite YouTubers

I unashamedly watch alot of Youtube! Yup, thats my confession. I can spend hours watching GRWMs (get ready with me), makeup and beauty tutorials and fashion lookbooks.

Here are my four favourite Youtubers.

Now I am going on their personalities based on what I see on their videos. I have never met them before. I believe that women should be celebrated based on each individual strength. I find that society has a way of pitting women against each other, and if we are not careful, we can find ourselves thinking that we need to compete to be successful. I am not about that life. There is enough space in this world for everyone to reach success, and it is important to note that success means different things to different people. These four women of colour are doing great things at the moment and are great business women in their own right. 

Note: None of these pictures are mine, they are from Instagram. 


Jackie O

Describe her videos in three words: Positive, great sense of humour, stands for what she believes in.


I love the fact that Jackie O will tell you the truth about the product, and what she thinks about it. It is great watching her get to 700,000+ subscribers on her Youtube channel and she hasn’t compromised herself to get more views. She produces the same quality content on her channel. She has an amazing sense of humour and I love the fact that she embraces her skin tone and speaks regularly about products for dark skin tones.


Shirley Eniang

Describe her videos in three words: Calm, thoughtful and sophisticated 


I have been watching Shirley for a while and I love how she has grown. I love her elegant and classy wardrobe and home decor. Her filming room is how I would love my room to be – white, light, with neutral tones. I love how she embraces her features, her curves and she works it! Her personality shines through her videos and you always feel a sense of calm when she talks. She is beauty and brains personified.


Chanel Boateng

Describe her videos in three words: Confident, honest, a good teacher


You see I have spent most of my life suffering from low self esteem just because I thought I was ugly and I wanted to change my features to features that were more accepted by society. Watching Chanel wear her clothes confidently was almost like a wakeup call for me. If she can do, so can I. I have watched her grow from strength to strength, from tragedy to triumph and she deserves all the great stuff that comes with sharing her testimonies and struggles with the world. Her honesty has helped other women. She currently has a brush set, with an eyelash line, which I intend to buy. 


Describe her videos in three words: Crazy, amazing at hair, great sense of humour FullSizeRender

This woman is the Youtube ‘hair-slyer’! I mean watching her create a wig is like watching art in the making, there’s no wonder why her videos on Youtube get hundreds of thousands of views! She found her niche and is great at it. If I want to make a wig or dye my hair, I watch her videos first, because she explains it well, and shows every step of the process. I also like her sense of humour.

Who are your favourite Youtubers?


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