The Battle of the Falsies! | Comparing different false eyelashes

The Battle of the Falsies! | Comparing different false eyelashes

I am the definition of ‘bald’ on my eyes. My eye-lashes are thin and short. In fact, the struggle I go through to just make them look present is unreal. My sister and my daughter have got thick, long lashes….I am beginning to think that God was not smiling down on me in that area!!! I have noticed that makeup looks better with lashes. It adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, a certain ‘va va voom’ to the look. Now, some people like ‘flying with wings’ effect…basically adding lashes that are incredibly long and dramatic, while other people love the more natural look. Whatever your preference, there are lashes for you. If you struggle to put them on, like I did and still do, read Tips for applying falsies for some helpful tips.

Now, to my ladies that use hair glue for your eyelashes, I won’t say a word….since this is a judgement-free zone. Actually I will say one thing, it is called HAIR glue for a reason. I know that it is stickier and holds the lashes for longer, but it is not made for your eyes. Please don’t underestimate how sensitive your eyes are! DUO eyelash glue is equally effective in holding down the lashes and it is safe for your eyes. With that said, let’s look at the different types of lashes out there.

Why is it that when you are in a rush falsies refuse to cooperate?!! The worst thing is that they cooperate on every other day! It makes me so annoyed! Ladies, do you understand what I mean?



There are no words needed. I told you I was bald……




These lashes are cheap to buy and cheaply made. To be honest, as a beginner, these are the lashes I started with. As they were so cheap, I was not worried if I got glue all over them or messed them up while trying to stick them down.

They will not give you that ‘instagram’ dramatic look, if that is what you are after, but they are good for adding length.  Image



 Ardell lashes are the best! They have different styles and can be reused again and again. Buy them from your local hair shops because they are much cheaper than in Boots. ‘Demi Wispies’ are my favourite style. They give me the volume and length that I like. They are not too dramatic to wear on a daily basis. They are incredibly light and easy to find. 



Now these are made from real mink fur and are handmade. They are luxury lashes which can be used up to 25 times (if you store them correctly and remove excess glue). They are more expensive than normal lashes, and can go for up to £20 a pop, but they give you that dramatic look. If you wear lashes regularly then this can be a good ‘investment’….I use the word investment loosely, because they last for a long time. They feel incredibly light on your eyes. Now, to my cruelty-free conscious ladies out there, you will be pleased to know that these lashes are cruelty-free. 

Personally I cannot wear these lashes casually strolling around. They are abit too dramatic for everyday wear, but I know women who feel comfortable rocking these to buy groceries, so go on ladies! However, they look amazing on camera and when you are glammed up, going to a special event, the lashes are like the cherry on the top.


 What are your favourite lashes? Please comment and subscribe.



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