Ben Nye Banana Powder is not for everyone | Sacha Buttercup Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder is not for everyone | Sacha Buttercup Powder

It is very likely that you have heard about Ben Nye Banana powder. Whether you have used it or someone has used it on you to set your under-eye concealer, it is a common feature in a lot of women’s makeup bags.

Ben Nye Luxury powders (Banana is one of them) are finely milled translucent powders, which are used to set makeup, usually the under eye concealer. It is also used to highlight the under eye area and other areas on the face.

I remember when I bought it for the first time, it looked so scarily light that I had to question my sanity about trying to use it on my face! Have I forgotten my skin colour?! Maybe I thought I was a lot lighter than I was when I bought it! I looked in the mirror to double check…yup I still am dark skin girl! How was I supposed to make this light powder work?!!!

When the Ben Nye Banana Powder is looking too light, as it usually does, I use my face powder (the same shade as my foundation) and brush it over the area lightly.  Using my face powder to tone it down works for me because I found that the Ben Nye can look REALLY bright in pictures and you can end up looking like Casper the friendly ghost if you are not careful! 

To find out more about how I apply my Ben Nye, check out this post Highlighting and Contouring for dark skin part 2.


Ben Nye does other shades of setting powder. Banana is not the only Ben Nye powder available. There are other shades of the same setting powder which are more suitable for darker skin tones. 

For example, Topaz or Sienna are great shades by Ben Nye for my milk chocolate ladies. You also have Chestnut and Ebony for my dark chocolate ladies. Banana looks great on certain skin tones, but it doesn’t work for all skin tones. To be honest, when it takes that much effort to blend a product on your face, then it is very likely that it is the wrong shade.

I am a MAC shade: NW45 and once I started using Topaz I found that I didn’t have to blend and blend till my arms were about to drop off. The only thing is that Topaz does not give me that bright, highlighted look that I love when I am going for the glam look, so most of the time, I mix Topaz and Banana to get a better colour match but still giving me that bright look. 

A better alternative? Or a better product?

I have heard so much about the Sacha Cosmetics – Buttercup powder, so I wanted to try it. I recently bought it and have been using it to test it out. What do I think? I love it and I agree that this powder is better than Ben Nye. No, not a better alternative but a better product.

The texture of Sacha Buttercup is smoother and finer than the Ben Nye powders and it blends like a dream. It is more flattering on dark skin tones. It feels lighter and less ‘cakey’ on your skin…if that is even a word! I found that it does not look as ashy as Ben Nye Banana. This is hands down my new setting powder. I did not have to use my face powder to tone down the colour and it looks great in pictures.

Ever since I have started using this Sacha Buttercup, I have not reached for my Ben Nye Powders once.

I would recommend that you should try it especially for women of colour.


Do you use Banana powder? What do you think about it?


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