Finding your perfect foundation | Colour Matching and Options

Finding your perfect foundation | Colour Matching and Options

Here are some tips to help you to find that perfect foundation for your skin type and complexion. I hope you find it useful.

What is your skin type?

Do you have dry skin? You are great during the summer, but in winter it feels as if you are forever creaming your face and you wonder where is the cream disappearing to?!  Your face is fine one minute and is super dry the next! Your face feels like it is disintegrating into ash when the cold wind blows! And your face can get so tight, it feels like your skin might split when you smile?!

Or do you have oily skin, which is manageable during the winter but in summer, your face shines brighter than a diamond…and not in a good way. Where is this oil coming from?! And why when I look in the mirror can I see my reflection on my forehead?! You look nice and matte one minute then turn into an oil slick the next minute and your makeup disappears!

Or do you have combination skin, with super dry patches and oily patches so you can’t use the same cream on your entire face or else one section looks ashy grey and the other part looks oily? Ladies you understand these struggles right? 

Different foundations are good for different skin types. If you have oily skin, you might want to try oil free foundation that gives you a matte finish. You are not really after the dewy look, because to you dewy means oily! And you produce enough oil to fry eggs for a whole country, so you don’t need any more help thank you very much! 

If you have dry skin, you wouldn’t want a matte foundation would you? You want foundation that doesn’t make you face look dry, because you do dryness very well on your own! You don’t need foundation to help you with that thanks! You want foundation that gives you that dewy look and is almost moisturising. If you have combination skin, there are foundations that are great for your skin.

There is a foundation for your skin type out there. So when you are looking for a new foundation, try and understand your skin type.

Liquid foundations are probably the most common, but there are powder and creme foundations available.

What sort of coverage do you want?

Do you want foundation where you can still see your skin, or do you have blemishes or hyper pigmentation to cover up. Do you want ‘feel’ like you are wearing makeup or do you want your foundation to be light and barely there. Decide what coverage you want from your foundation.

There are different levels of coverage: tinted moisturiser which is very sheer, medium-full coverage or full coverage. Medium to full coverage foundation is great if you want to cover up scars and blemishes because you can build up the coverage, so maybe on a casual day you use one pump and for a more glam look, you use two pumps, so you can alter the level of coverage based on what you want. Full coverage can be quite heavy on the skin, so I wouldn’t recommend it for every day wear.

Make sure you colour-match

Try the foundation in natural daylight, rather than artificial lighting. The only artificial lighting that I recommend are the store lights which are really strong and you can see the true shade of foundation properly. If your lighting is bad, it can alter the true colour of the foundation.  Try it on your jaw-line, not the back of your hand or on your arm. Your hands or arms are usually lighter or darker than your face, so trying it on the back of your hand can make you buy the wrong colour. Please do not be tempted to buy foundation that is too light or too dark. It just looks wrong!

Get a sample. You like a certain foundation, then get a sample and try it at home, and wear it for a full day to see how your skin reacts to it. I never used to do this, until one day I bought a full sized bottle of foundation, which was the wrong shade, and I just looked like a walking cloud of ash when I wore it! I quickly learnt my lesson! 

Take care of your skin 

If you do not take care of your skin, no matter how much foundation you pile on, your skin will not improve or get better. It also affects your makeup application. If you take care of your skin, your foundation sits better on your skin, and the general health of your skin gets better.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup before you sleep, and moisturise your skin before wearing your foundation. Exfoliate your skin regularly because makeup products have a bad habit of clinging and enhancing areas of your face where your skin is dry or there is dead skin.

Still worried about shine?

Use a good primer before applying your foundation and carry some blotting paper or powder around to blot your face during the day. I carry loose powder around, so that I can sweep it over my face when I get shiny. Please don’t be tempted to avoid moisturising your face beforehand though.



I have listed some great options below, which also cater for women of colour. These foundations come with a mid to large range of shades, so they cater to a variety of skin tones. They are all available in the UK.

However, I found that with the drugstore foundations a lot of the darker shades for women of colour are not be available in UK stores. To get the darker shades, you may have to go onto the brand’s website, Amazon, or get them shipped from the US. This is not really great for testing and colour-matching and it is something that the UK Beauty Industry needs to improve on quickly! 

Drugstore: Ranging from £5 – £10 (excl. shipping)

L’Oreal True Match

Revlon Colourstay

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Sleek Foundation Creme to Powder

Mid – High End foundations: Ranging from £20 to £37 (excl. shipping)

MAC Studio Fix fluid (liquid) or Studio Fix Powder

MAC Studio Tech (Creme)

MAC Matchmaster (liquid)

Lancôme Tient Idol 24HR Foundation (liquid)

Estee Lauder Double Wear – Stay in Place (liquid)

MakeUp Forever HD Foundation (liquid)

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation (liquid)

Nars Luminous Weightless foundation (liquid)

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (liquid)

Bobbi Brown Foundation stick (Creme)

What foundation do you currently use? Do you like it or want to try something new? 



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