Acrylic Storage boxes | My Makeup Collection

Acrylic Storage boxes | My Makeup Collection

I am sure you guys know by now that I am not a makeup artist in any shape or form. My makeup skills are still improving, and I can only really do my own makeup. So if you come to me asking me to make you look like Beyonce, you would probably end up looking like the Joker from Batman! Ok, I am not that bad, but yes, my makeup collection is still developing and I am still trying makeup products to see what suits me and my complexion.

As I have taken an interest in makeup, my makeup collection as a result has started to grow. I can proudly say that I have a few brushes now, rather than the one brush that i used for foundation, my setting powder….and face powder! I should hide my face with shame!

I used to leave my makeup in a large makeup bag, but I found that I needed to organise my face better…sorry I mean organise my makeup better!


I currently use the Muji Acrylic Storage drawers which people have been raving about and also some acrylic storage boxes from ebay. The Muji ones are more wider than the eBay ones that I have. Other than that, there is no real difference between the Muji and the eBay storage boxes. Well, the main difference is the price!

Ebay have a good selection of acrylic storage boxes and they are cheap. I also got the acrylic pots for my brushes and the lipstick holder for between £2 – £5 each from eBay.

Acrylic storage in general has been incredibly helpful for me. It has helped me to organise my makeup collection so that it is easy to find makeup products especially when I am putting on makeup. I can now easily see and reach for the products that I want, instead of scrambling around like I used to do.

How do you store your makeup? Do you also use acrylic storage?



eBay Acrylic drawers

Muji Acrylic Storage




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