Brushes that take my makeup from 0 to 100 | My favourite brushes

Brushes that take my makeup from 0 to 100 | My favourite brushes

As a beginner, I really didn’t know what brushes to go for. I could not afford MAC brushes and I didn’t even know where to start from. I started to build up my collection little by little.

Real Technique brushes are affordable and great quality. If you didn’t know, now you know! As you will probably notice, most of these brushes are really affordable. I love MAC brushes but I love Real Techniques brushes more! These are the brushes that I reach for every time I do my makeup! Your makeup brushes don’t have to be exactly like mine, but I hope this helps if you are stuck on what brushes to buy.


1. Large Powder brush 

I got this brush a while ago from eBay and it is my go to powder brush. I love the fact that it is pointed as it can get under my eyes and other small areas on my face.

2. Small Pointed Brush

This brush comes as part of a set. I bought the entire set on eBay for less than a fiver. I was skeptical when buying it but I was surprised when I received them. I absolutely love them. They are so soft and they do not shed. I use this small pointed brush the most to blend out the concealer when I am defining my brows and getting to the smaller areas of my face. Link below.

3. Real Techniques Buffing brush

I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation. It is so fluffy and buffs the foundation into my skin. It gives your foundation an airbrush finish. It doesn’t leave my foundation streaky and blends the foundation in seamlessly. I absolutely love this brush. It is the best in the whole collection!

Tip: When I apply my liquid foundation, I put a little of the foundation on the back of my hand and buff the foundation on my skin little by little in small circular motions. I repeat this until I get my desired coverage. Doing it like this helps me to control the amount of foundation on my face. I find that you put a lot of foundation on your face or on your brush to start off with, you spend more time trying to blend it out!

4. Real Techniques Contour brush

I use this brush to apply bronzer or blush on my face. I even use it to apply my highlighting powder to give me that glow. I love the shape and size of this brush.

5. Real Techniques Pointed foundation brush

I use this to blend foundation or concealer in the small areas of my face, such as under my eyes, around my nose, and in between my eyes. I find that the buffing brush does not get into these small areas properly because of its size. This brush is great for the small areas as it is flat and pointed.

6. Real Techniques Base shadow brush

This brush is a must have. I love, love, love this brush. I use this to blend out my eyeshadow, I know it is called ‘base shadow’ but I like using it to blend out my eyeshadow, to remove the harsh lines. It is part of the Real Techniques Eye Starter Kit, which I recommend to everyone.

7. Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush

I use this brush to blend colour through the crease when I’m blending out my crease colour on my eyes. I also love this brush.

8. NARS’ ‘Ita Kabuki’ brush

This brush is specifically designed for contouring. This brush is a great way to sculpt and define your cheekbones. Now I got this brush on eBay so I have no idea if it is the authentic NARS brush, but I love the way it works when I blend out my contour and apply my bronzer.

What makeup brushes do you use? Which ones are your favourites? Please leave your comments below


 Real Techniques Core Collection – Brushes 3 – 5

Real Techniques Eye Starter Kit – Brushes 6 – 7



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