Fabulous Fridays | Mixing Foundations to get your perfect shade

Fabulous Fridays | Mixing Foundations to get your perfect shade

Ok guys, let me put it out there, I was ride or die for Mac’s Studio Fix in NW45. I have used MAC foundation from day 1. I think it is fair to say that practically everyone especially women of colour uses or have used MAC foundation once in their lifetime.

MAC has the right amount of shades suitable for women of colour to draw us in like a moth to a light bulb! However, I have been trying to fly away from the MAC nest and try other brands. It has not been easy but I am here to tell you that there is more to life than MAC foundations! No shade intended!

Other brands have foundations that are more matte and more hydrating. They feel lighter on your skin but provides great coverage and do not make you break out!


I know how buying a new foundation can be. You start to experience all sorts of emotions from fear to dread to heart palpitations! Ok, that is probably just me. But I’m always worried that a customer service rep will put some ashy foundation on my skin, and I will look like I have just thrown flour on my face! Finding the right shade for a foundation in a new brand is not the greatest experience.


Personally, I have wanted to try NARS for a while, as I have heard some amazing things about their products. Mainly that they are hydrating whilst providing full coverage, they blend well, and feel amazing on your skin.

I wanted a matte foundation for my oily skin – NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (oil free and matte). They have 6-7 shades for women of colour which is great!

The closest colour to my skin tone was New Guinea – medium-dark with red undertones. Now this made me look a bit ashy. I loved the colour range of the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Polynesia matched my skin tone perfectly but the coverage was too sheer for me. So the great sales agent told me to mix the two products to get the perfect colour and coverage.

The results were amazing and my foundation matched my skin tone perfectly and gave that full coverage that I wanted from a matte foundation. I loved the results! It has been awhile since I have had such a true colour match on any foundation.


So my perfect combo at the moment is NARS Velvet Skin Tint in Polynesia + NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Guinea. I will post a review of these foundations very soon.


Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to mix two foundations together to get your perfect shade. You might love the finish of one foundation but dislike the colour of the other, or vice versa. Why not try mixing the two to get your perfect foundation? t may seem more expensive but you use less of the two products so it works out to be the same in the long run…or maybe I am just trying to justify buying two foundations!


Tip 2: If your skin tone changes slightly during the seasons, try having a Summer foundation and a Winter foundation. I get paler and slightly lighter during the winter so I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place foundation in Sandlewood. Estee Lauder have great foundations for women with yellow undertones, so I like to use it during winter when my skin is quite pale.

But during the summer when my melanin is popping, I get darker and my skin tone has more red undertones, which is why I have a summer foundation which will be my NARS foundations. NARS have great foundations for women of colour


Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Ask for samples and try the products at home. Wear it for a day and see how your skin reacts to it. If you have sensitive skin, this is essential. Good foundations can be costly so before committing to buy a full sized bottle and spending your money, try a sample. I used to feel embarrassed but now I don’t care! I always ask.


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