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Winter for me is all about vampy nails, vampy lips and bringing out your inner gothic style. Ladies with a dark skin tone and full lips, please don’t shy away from wearing dark lipsticks. These colours work well for ladies of all skin tones.

It is the perfect season to wear dark lipsticks without looking like you are trying to steal the sunshine during summer! However, you still rock dark lips in the summer as you are free to wear whatever lipstick you like, whatever the season! 

I didn’t use a lipliner for any of these looks because these liquid lipsticks come with their own applicators. For tips on how to apply liquid lipsticks, check out my previous post: 10 Need to Knows about Liquid Lipsticks

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Deadly Nightshade – LA Splash

Thoughts: I love the pigmentation of this liquid lipstick but wow! The smell! It smells like you are applying paint on your lips. I know that these liquid lipsticks are full of chemicals, but you don’t want to be constantly reminded. The smell was really off-putting. It was the toughest to remove. This can be a plus or minus for people depending on what you are looking for in a lipstick. For me, I want a lipstick that doesn’t require me to reapply, but I need to be able to take it off without feeling like I need to peel off the first layer of skin from my lips!


High Drama – MAC 

Thoughts: I love MAC lipsticks and even though I was reluctant to buy their new liquid lipsticks (launched in December 2015) because of the price, I love them. I particularly love this colour, as it is perfect for this season. Every season in fact! The lipstick feels buttery and smooth on your lips when applying. It smells like vanilla and is highly pigmented. The only thing is that it does not apply evenly, so you may have to apply more than one coat to get an even application.


Tootsie – Coloured Raine

Thoughts: I love this colour and I love this liquid lipstick. It is my top vamp lipstick for this season. When I wear this lipstick, I feel like I can take over the world! I joke…but it is one of my favourites. It dried matte, but was not too drying on my lips. It lasted all day without me needing to reapply. The lipstick didn’t smell of cherries and roses but the smell of chemicals was not too strong for me to really pay attention to it. This product is available to ship to the UK.


Montenegro – Amrezy – Lipland Cosmetics

Thoughts: This colour is similar to High Drama, it is almost an exact match actually. However, this lipstick applies evenly, so one coat will give you full coverage on your lips. I love the texture and smell of this lipstick. This product is available for international shipping. It was not as drying as the others and was the easiest to remove.


Raven – LA Splash

Thoughts: Same issue with the smell! But I love the colour of this lipstick. The colour came out slightly different on my lips than I expected. I expected a brown colour but it weirdly came out similar to High Drama and Montenegro. I can see a brown undertone but I expected it to be more chocolate. But all in all, it is a good lipstick.


Swatches on my arm:



High Drama

Deadly Nightshade

Tootsie – International Shipping

Montenegro – International Shipping



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