Fabulous Fridays…

Fabulous Fridays…

It took me ages to learn how to apply false lashes! I watched in envy as Youtubers applied their falsies in seconds. When I tried, it took 10-15 mins per eye and the lashes would still drop off!!!!

By using this method, it became easier and quicker to apply my lashes.  


If your lashes are new, before you apply them, wrap them around a pencil or pen for a few seconds so that it matches the curve of your eyes.


After applying a thin strip of glue to your lashes, allow the lashes to sit for 1 min or until the glue gets tacky and is no longer runny. They will stick better that way.


Pick up the lash by holding it in the middle with tweezers and align it with the centre of your eye. Don’t stick them down yet. Hold the lash as close to your lash line as possible. Make sure the middle of the lash is aligned to the centre of your eye.


Now stick down the lash by pressing it down in the above position (aligned with the centre of your eye) and as close to the lash line as possible. Then press down each end of the lash. I find that once the centre of the lash is aligned properly, the rest falls or sticks into place.


The key is allowing the glue to get tacky before applying. Some people apply their lashes using their fingers, I personally prefer tweezers as it allows me to get as close to the lash line as possible, and I am also quite clumsy, so it is just better for me.

Products used:

Ardell lashes 

Duo Lash glue



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