Highlighting and Contouring for dark skin | Part 3

Highlighting and Contouring for dark skin | Part 3

This post is the last in the series. I really hope you have found this useful.

A key problem with contouring on dark skin is finding a shade that is dark enough to create the required ‘contoured’ effect. I found it difficult trying to find a contour dark enough for my skin tone. After trying several products, I have listed a few options for ladies with dark skin. 

Contouring is basically creating ‘shadows’ on areas of your face that you don’t want the light to hit you, it can also add definition to your face. Make sure you blend the contour out really well, you don’t want any harsh lines from the contour. 


Tips: What is your face shape? Try and identify your face shape, and this can be a guide of where to contour. People usually contour under their cheekbones, the sides of their foreheads (close to the hairline) and their jawlines. 

Remember that the contour should have cool undertone to have the desired effect. Also try not to use shimmery products as a contour, it should be matte. You are trying to mimic areas of shadow on your face. You can apply a bronzer afterwards to warm up your face.



Dark – Sleek Contour Kit 

This is a great trio of powders, you can use it to add a sun-kissed glow to your face and to also contour your face. The contour shade is not dark enough for me, but if you have a lighter skin tone than me it will probably work for you.

Embark – MAC Eyeshadow

This is dark matte brown eyeshadow. I love using this as a contour because I can also use it as my transition colour for my eyeshadow looks. Two for the price of one! If you like using powder as a contour then this is great.

Carbon – MAC eyeshadow

This is a matte black eyeshadow. This is ideal for the Ebony skinned beauties out there. Try not to be heavy handed with this product, apply a little at a time to build up to your desired look. I find that less is more when working with black because it can go from 100 to -500 very quickly!

Black Opal Foundation stick (Suede Mocha or Black Walnut)

This is currently what I use. If you prefer the look of a cream contour, then these two shades are good for dark skin tones. Black Walnut is slightly darker than Suede Mocha. I find that cream contours look slightly more natural than powder contour products. 

MAC Studio Fix foundation (NW58)

This is a foundation in the darkest shade. Again, you will need to set this with a powder to ensure that it stays on your skin throughout the day.

Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer

This is the best bronzer on the market for dark skin in my opinion. I use this to set my cream contour and it warms up my skin, because of the red undertones. It is not available in the UK, but you can get it from Amazon.

What do you use for your contour? Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.  


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