My Nude Lipstick Collection

My Nude Lipstick Collection

I love my bold coloured lipsticks, but it is not really practical for me to be wearing bold lipsticks every day. Sometimes, I prefer neutral tones on my lips for everyday wear or if I have a bold eyeshadow look. There are different types of nude lipsticks, some with peach undertones, some are more brown than others, so it is down to personal preference which nude lipstick you like.

Try different lipsticks to see what you are happy with. I tend to avoid really light nude lipsticks, but some people love them and rock them so well! If you want rock a light nude lipstick, just use a brown lip-liner before applying the lipstick. You can also use the lipliner to define your cupid’s bow, if you have undefined lips. MAC’s Cork or Chestnut Lip-liner is perfect. 

I rarely swatch lipsticks on my hand because my lips are a completely different colour from my skin. I also find that nude lipsticks look different on people. However, I have added swatches here so you can see the true colour of the lipsticks on my skin, since the lipsticks may look lighter on my lips.

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Velvet Teddy – MAC (Matte)

A great nude lipstick. This is my go to lipstick. It has a smooth and creamy application. It gives full coverage. I wear this with a brown lipliner, because it is a little light on my skin. It has a pink undertone. This is a semi-matte lipstick so it transferred when I drank or ate but it lasted for a few hours on my lips.   

Taupe – MAC (Matte)

This is a brown-nude and is also a semi-matte lipstick. The great thing is that it is really pigmented, and gives you that neutral colour to your lips. It is creamy similar to Velvet Teddy.  

Touch – MAC (Lustre)

This is a sheer lipstick, so it provides a light colour and looks like a gloss when on your lips. I love wearing this lipstick as it gives you the ‘brown-nude’ colour without too much coverage. Perfect for everyday. This is a must-have to all my brown-skinned beauties out there! 

Sequin – MAC (Frost)

Lipsticks with a Frost finish have a shimmer in them. Some people hate them, and some people love them. I have never really liked them but I tried this one and I liked the way it looked on my lips. This lipstick has a subtle shimmer and is semi opaque. The sheen made my lips look smoother and lasted for around 4 hours.




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