Fabulous Fridays…

Fabulous Fridays…

I called this feature ‘Fabulous Friday’s’ because women are just fabulous!

Every Fab Friday I will be giving you makeup tips that will hopefully improve your makeup game!

If you have any makeup tips to share please comment below or email them to me and I will post them. Sharing is caring people!

Tip #1:

Use your foundation to even the colour of your lips. I have pink lips so before I apply my lipstick I sweep my foundation brush over my lips. I don’t add more product to the brush, but I just whatever product is left on the brush. This works if you have dark lips as well.

When applying nude or light coloured lipsticks that look a little too light for your skin tone, use a brown lip-liner before applying the lipstick. Once you have applied the lipstick, gently blend the lip liner with the lipstick to prevent harsh lines.


Picture of  MAC’s velvet teddy without lip liner


Picture of MAC’s velvet teddy with a lip liner



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