How to Spot Fake Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipsticks

I think Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks have one of the best formulas for liquid lipsticks. They are comfortable and light on your lips but matte. The formula is spot on. Hands down this is one of the best liquid lipsticks out there. I bought a couple of shades from when my friend went to America, so I didn’t have to pay for international shipping. Yup, I have to save these coins! I love the shades that they have, they are quite unique, which is a great thing. I haven’t done a full review… View Post

My LA/IMATS Makeup, Beauty and other random stuff Haul | Reviews and First Impressions

Hey guys, I am back from my trip to Los Angeles and it was great. Los Angeles has always been on my bucket list of places to go and I am so glad I went. The people there are so cool and so chilled out. You could strike a conversation up with anyone, anywhere without feeling weird. I loved the fact that everyone has a side hustle and is creative, it was quite motivating. So obviously I came back with many goodies and do a post about it, even though I will probably have to… View Post

Using a SiliSponge to do my Makeup | Does it work?!

2016 was definitely about my Instagram feed being filled with people trying and using things to apply their makeup that frankly should not be used on someone’s face! I saw spoons, knives, Vagisil as a primer, Sanitary pads to apply their foundation. Lord have mercy! Usually I see this nonsense and I keep on scrolling! No shade but come on guys, is the struggle so real that we cannot use normal makeup products and makeup brushes anymore?! The day I look at my Always sanitary towel and think ummmmm I should use this to apply… View Post

6 Tips for a happier and more successful 2017

Welcome to 2017! Happy new year everybody. You know at the end of every year, I look back and reflect on how the year has gone. I have realised that how you start the year can put you in a better position at the end of the year. What I mean is, if you start the new year with specific measurable achievable goals of things that you want to achieve, you are more likely to achieve it by the end of the year. Rather than the general trend of setting New Years resolutions which you… View Post

10 Situations that Makeup Lovers will understand

1. When I see a sales consultant pull out foundation that is 10 shades too light for my face for my foundation trial. Do I look tanned to you?! L 2. When I look hella rough but someone says that I look good. Really?! 3. When I see someone carrying a Sephora bag on holiday. I must trace where that bag has come from! 4. When my face has been beat into perfection and my edges are laid for dinner and the night is rubbish. So I wasted all this makeup for nothing! Someone is going to get hurt! … View Post