My Massive Makeup and Beauty Haul | Sephora, Duty Free and many more

I recently went on a week long vacation with my mum and my daughter to Dubai. If you remember, I spoke about Dubai being on my travel bucket list (here), so I was really excited to go. We stayed at the amazing Waldorf Astoria in the Palm Jumeirah, thanks to the British Airways sale! Our every need was catered for. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone! Let’s just say that my bank account took a hit on this trip, not on food and transport but on beauty products. There were many things I… View Post

How to spot fake Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Glow Kits | That Glow

If any makeup product was going to be imitated, it would have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Glow Kits. Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Glow Kits are one of the hottest makeup products out at the moment. I mean a palette of 4 high intensity highlighters, which you can use separately or mix to get a more personalised glow sounds amazing right?! I managed to get my hands on one of the glow kits and it is definitely worth the hype. However, it was not easy for me to get! It kept on getting sold out,… View Post

Beauty from Ashes | Encouragement

Life is unfair sometimes. Sometimes we face challenges that we don’t believe we deserve. Sometimes we think doesn’t God know that this problem is the last thing I need right now? Sometimes you actually believe that you must have done something wrong to offend the powers that be because nothing seems to be working. While everyone around you seems to be flying to the greatest heights, you are barely crawling. Every day is another struggle; being happy is a chore. I just want to encourage you that beauty comes from the ashes. What are the ashes? That… View Post

Repairing Broken Compact Powders | 6 Easy Steps

I am so clumsy! I have smashed two of my compacts specifically my highlighters. My Anastasia Glow Kit and my MAC Gold Deposit. Then my darling husband went to smash my BECCA Champagne Pop *sobs* I think there is a curse in my house….that highlighters will not prosper in my household! I need to break this curse, because I need to glow!!!!!! I need that Glow! I did some ‘googling’ and found that there is actually a way to repair broken compact powders. I tried it on my MAC powder, just in case it didn’t… View Post

Products I have been loving this Summer | Eyeko, Urban Decay, Becca and many more

We are now at the end of summer, and at the beginning of autumn as known as ‘fall’. Summer was quite interesting and there were some makeup products which I discovered this summer. I’m happy that I mostly stayed away from the hype. I say ‘mostly’ because I slipped a few times, but I got up! Hallelujah! I got back up and stayed true to myself and my bank account. Many YouTubers, well known brands, celebrities released makeup products this summer from liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, face palettes amongst other things. Highlighters took centre stage… View Post