Primark Liquid Lipsticks on Dark Skintones | First Impressions and Review

This is a question for the Brits amongst us. When you want super cheap clothes and shoes that look relatively decent, what is the first store that comes to your mind? Primark isn’t it? Primark is great for cheap clothes, you know simple tops, cardigans, jeans etc, and the quality isn’t too bad. The quality is not too great either if I’m honest. If I was to tell you to buy your makeup from there, what would you say? You would probably look at me like ‘Temi what on earth are you talking about?! I… View Post

The Autumn Lipstick Lookbook for Dark Skintones | Part 2

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this post (here). Here are the Browns and Blacks…well one black lipstick. These browns are great for medium to dark skin tones, because they actually show up against my skin! Don’t let the great lighting fool you. To give you some context, I am an NW45…probably a little bit darker due to my holidays this year. I find that some browns are not dark enough to even be seen on dark skin tones. These ones really show up on dark skin tones, so they are worth it.… View Post

The Autumn Lipstick Lookbook for Dark Skintones | Part 1

Hey guys, so we are at that time again….Autumn (or Fall depending on the side of the pond you are on). Honestly, I love this time of year. As much as I love the sun rays, making this melanin pop, it gets tiring some times! Commuting on public transport has been a nightmare this summer! But before I digress and start rambling on about that, I love the colours that come with Autumn. I love the deep reds, browns that come out at this time of the year, especially on my lips. To all my… View Post

What goes through my mind whilst shopping at Sephora

*** When I spot Sephora, the black and white sign draws me in like a moth to the flame. It is so mesmerising. Child? What child? Husband? Where? The loud cries for mum become more and more faint as I start to move towards the promised land! I will jump through traffic, knock people over, just to get to that store. Sorry but not sorry! Get out of my way. Ludacris’s song starts to play in my head…’move, get outta the way, get outta the way!’ I have an adrenalin rush as I head to the store. Everything… View Post

Autumn Makeup Look using only L’Oreal Makeup | Metallic eyes and Berry Lips

“Because you’re worth it”  If you are in the UK, you have probably seen the amazing L’Oreal #YoursTruly True Match Campaign. For those of you who don’t know what this campaign is all about, let me break it down a little. It is basically a campaign that shows how the L’Oreal True Match foundation is suitable for all skin tones, from light to dark skin tones. L’Oreal claim to match ‘98% of all UK skin tones with their 23 shades’. The campaign uses well-known bloggers and YouTubers of all different skin tones and demonstrates what colour of… View Post