Can women have it all?

“Do not ever tell her that she should do or not do something ‘because you are a girl’. ‘Because you are a girl’ is never a reason for anything. Ever.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie *** I was reading an article on this topic and this question stuck with me. Can women have it all? A great career, a loving marriage and kids? Or do you have to give up something to be successful? Is it all a myth that women can’t have it all? I think of my life and how determined I am to have… View Post

Airspun Setting Powder. What does it look like on dark skin tones?

Hey guys, so here is another review for y’all. So I’m that type of person that reads the comments, the comments of everything. I even read the comments of YouTube videos or blog posts before watching the videos! The comments section is where the party at, don’t forget who told you! So I was doing my usual reading through the comments and I noticed someone mentioning this airspun setting powder and how amazing it is. Ooooohhhhh my curiosity antennas were wriggling as they do, so I had to try it. *** What do they say about… View Post

Green is not your colour honey!

Jealousy comes from counting others’ blessings instead of your own’ I think jealousy in every form is a dangerous emotion. It consumes, distracts and is not a positive emotion but let’s be real, we all get jealous. That green eyed monster raises its head once or twice…a month? a week?? A day??? Damn girl green is not your colour! There’s so many things around us that cause us to get jealous right? Social media doesn’t help in the slightest. Like if you check out my Instagram *shameless plug* you will see me looking all kinds… View Post

Who Am I? | What are my foundation shades?

Who Am I? Some people call me Temi, and some people call me Tope, my full name is Temitope by the way. Some people say I should define myself as a mother first, other people say that I should define myself as a wife first and foremost. Sometimes I wonder if I am a black Christian woman, or I am Christian first before mentioning the colour of my skin. Maybe I should define myself by my gender before mentioning my beliefs, race or my current status. I dont know to be honest, but one thing… View Post

My Favourite Drugstore Foundations | Maybelline, LA Girl etc

It’s really easy to get sucked into the idea that makeup has to be expensive to be good. Also, as a woman of colour, I don’t know about you but I got very used to the idea that I have to spend money on foundation in order to get my shade. I was just used to walking around UK drugstores and not seeing shades my colour. Lately, I have been spending my time scouring the UK high street and drugstores to try and find good, affordable foundations, and here is a list of my favourite… View Post