5 Days of Trying New Products | Day 4 – Estee Lauder Hydrationist Creme

When winter comes, my skin gets hella dry! I mean dry face, dry lips, dry ankles everything! Grey is the new black for me! I have combination skin on my face, which is definitely new. I used to just be oily but now I have an oily t-zone with dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth. I have noticed the best way to get my skin more balanced i.e making the oily areas less oily and the dry areas less dry is to use a good moisturiser. I learnt this from my makeup artist.… View Post

5 Days of Trying New Products | Day 3: New Look Beauty on Dark Skin

I walked into New Look to pick up a pair of boots (which didn’t fit by the way!) and I saw some foundation. What?! I took 3 steps back! Were my eyes deceiving me?! Foundation in New Look? Foundation for dark skin tones?! Hold up! I just had to buy it. I just threw in some lipstick for good measure! *** NEW LOOK NO SHINE MATTIFYING FOUNDATION  Shade: Chestnut  £7.99 I bought the foundation from one of the New Look stores, but I checked online and I could see two shades for medium to dark skin… View Post

5 Days of Trying New Products | Day 2: Lush Face Mask

I have tried a Lush Face mask before and I really liked it, so I wanted to try another one. I have been trying to sort out my skin’s texture for a few weeks now. I’ve been feeling super stressed lately, so I have been comfort eating and it has taken it’s toll on my skin. I am slowly starting to get back to my usual routine, eating more healthily and drinking more water and taking care of my skin. I spoke to one of the sales consultants in Lush and he recommended this mask. I… View Post

5 Days of Trying New Products | Day 1: Topshop Beauty on Dark Skin

DAY 1: TOPSHOP AIR CUSHION SKIN PERFECTOR. Shades: 5.0 & 6.0 (6 shades available) £12 I picked the two darkest shades because I wasn’t sure which one would suit my skin tone. Shade: 6.0 is slightly darker than 5.0. I bought mine online but when I walked into my local Topshop, they had testers for the darker shades which I didn’t expect! Well done Topshop for coming through with shades suitable for women with dark skin tones. However, for my ebony, dark chocolate ladies I couldn’t find a shade darker than 6.0 so you may find… View Post

Creating and Seeing the Vision

The idea just kept  popping up in my head, no matter how many times I tried to ignore it. I believe it was God speaking to me, telling me to go ahead. One day, in the midst of my fear and confusion, I received the confirmation that I needed. I was talking to a group of girls and they said that they wished my platform existed. They were talking about my idea! After I went through a particularly challenging period in my life, I decided that it was now or never. I had some money… View Post